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Engineering Safety Consulting


All of our offices are accredited as engineering safety Consultants ( fire Fighting and protection) by all municipalities, The Saudi Electricity Company (SECO), National Water Company, civil defense, Saudi Industrial Property Authority(cities), Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, and by many ministries and governmental parties. We are also members of many international specialized organizations and associations, and we have the largest department which is specialized in engineering safety and fire prevention, and which gathers an integral staff of specialized technicians, who are well aware of the civil defense' conditions and of GCC, NFPA, and IFC. The staff contains:

  •   Highly qualified mechanical engineers specialized in all kinds of fire protection systems.
  •   electrical engineers specialized in fire alarm systems.
  •   architectural engineers specialized in applying Life Safety Code.
  •  Structural Engineers specialized in applying the international requirements for preventing fire spreading (Compartmentalization).

Our related services   :

  •        Designing all kinds of engineering safety systems according to the codes: 

               - GCC.

               - NFPA.

               - IFC.

  •  Designing fire alarm and fire fighting systems (using water, foam, powder, and gas).
  •  Designing hydraulic systems which are associated with fire protection engineering.
  •  Designing and analyzing building materials and fulfilling civil defense's requirements.
  •  Designing emergency Exits and Evacuation Plans according to the civil defense's requirements.
  •  Approving all civil defense's plans.
  •  Carrying out fire alarm and fire prevention systems' tests and presenting them to the civil defense.

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